Trick to protect the iPhone battery discovered by a TikTok user

The trick to protect the iPhone battery discovered by a TikTok user

The trick to protect the iPhone battery discovered by a TikTok user

Blessed are social networks when they serve to share tips as useful as this one. “This iPhone battery health hack is going to be a life saver for you,” says user Appledsing, very active on social networks, who has found a way to protect iPhone battery health with something that will take you 30 seconds program. We tell you how to implement this function.

How to extend the battery life of your iPhone

Many users get a nasty surprise when they go to Settings > Battery and ‘battery health and charge’. What they often find is far from 100% desirable, which means the iPhone’s health has deteriorated and performance and charging capabilities are less than optimal.

Is your iPhone battery draining too fast too? Do you feel drained and would you like to find a real solution? One of the most common complaints that we usually read on networks revolves around the same thing: prolonging the battery life and, in addition, ensuring that it does not break down so quickly, that

Well, the trick is to avoid charging the iPhone up to 100% or even leaving it charging and forgetting about it. There are dozens of studies that support this advice: battery health is often negatively affected by the constant stress of electrical voltage. Also, it is not the same battery cycle than a charge cycle. All batteries degrade, but we can make this degradation much slower. In short, charging up to 100% reduces your capacity.

That is why some users resort to limiters, to tools that notify you if a certain threshold is exceeded, and so on, but we can do all of this much more easily with our iPhone. This is the step by step.

Step by step to get your iPhone to notify you of the remaining charge

o maximize the battery life of any iPhone it is as simple as following these steps:
  • Go into the app’shortcuts‘ from your iPhone
  • Choose ‘Automation‘, (either automation) in the bottom bar, is the central icon.
  • Now tap on it + in blue in the upper right corner, to create a new automation.
  • Within an extensive list, go down until you find ‘battery level‘.
  • Choose that automation and now choose an upper threshold up to 85 or 90%, as seen in the image. Tap on ‘Following‘.
  • Now, as we can see, we will only have to implement the automation correctly:
  • To do this, follow these last steps:
  • Choose the option ‘Read text with voice‘. This will cause your iPhone to describe the shortcut.
  • Now confirm this step by tapping on the okay blue in the right corner and the read option and we will have it ready.

You will see that when you access the automation section, this shortcut is already created. Now, every time your iPhone is charging, it will inform you of the charge percentage when it reaches 90%, so you can disconnect it and stop that extra charge that can end up damaging the cell coatings in lithium-ion batteries. Also, in the heat of summer you will avoid overheating and possible blockages due to the excess temperature generated by the load.

In any case, Apple also has a series of tips in its Optimize performance section and the company itself clarifies that the battery of a “healthy” iPhone should have at least 80% capacity during the first 500 charging cycles.. In fact, if the battery is well below this percentage and your iPhone still has an active and current warranty, You can request a battery change at no cost, completely free of charge.

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