5 things you can do on TikTok and you didn’t know

5 things you can do on TikTok and you didn’t know

5 things you can do on TikTok and you didn’t know

TikTok It has stood out in the world of social networks for going beyond sharing videos, offering a unique experience.

TikTok, renowned for its popularity and focus on creativity, offers a number of features unknown to most users. That’s why in One zero We present you 5 activities in TikTok that you probably didn’t know.

Automatic video translation

Has it ever happened to you to come across a video on TikTok in a language you don’t understand? Well, thanks to the automatic translation function of TikTokthat will no longer be a problem for you.

The application offers a tool that automatically translates comments in real time, which makes it easier for the user to understand and allows access to a greater amount of content.

Parental control

As more children and adolescents join TikTok, concerns about their online safety are also growing. To address this concern, TikTok provides parental control features.

Parents have the option to set content restrictions, time limits and monitor the privacy of their children’s accounts. This allows them to ensure that their children have a safe and appropriate experience on the platform.

Use your own sounds within TikTok

In this platform of social networks, creativity flows without restrictions. So, if you don’t want to be just another user joining the music trend of the moment, you have the opportunity to stand out with your unique vocal talent or with a recording of your own that you think will be a hit. Once you have the file in your mobile deviceyou simply have to access the “My favorites” section, then select “Sounds” and, finally, click on “Record with this sound”.

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Share your TikTok videos directly to Instagram stories

You no longer need to download the video and then upload it to your Instagram account, since the application itself gives you the option to do so through the “Share” function. This option is available both in Stories and in the feedallowing you to directly share the video without complications.

Download videos

On TikTok, you have the ability to download videos directly from the application. This allows you to save your favorite videos to your mobile device and access them even without Connection to Internet.

Also, the download feature makes it easy to share videos with your friends on other social networks. To do so, simply select the “Share” button and choose the “Share” option.Save video» when downloading the video you want share.

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