Os golpes mais comuns do TikTok e como evitá-los

The most frequent TikTok scams and how to avoid falling for them so as not to end up fleeced

Os golpes mais comuns do TikTok e como evitá-los

TikTok is a social network, where people share short videos, which has grown significantly in recent years, becoming the main and most used for many users.

As often happens, with the arrival of success also came the security and privacy risksSince those who want to take advantage of the ingenuity or ignorance of people, have in everything related to the network as an extremely appetizing niche.

For this reason, cybercriminals try to take advantage of the popularity of TikTok to carry out social engineering attacks, place phishing links and even set up traps of any kind in order to carry out their deception.

The best thing so that none of these TikTok scams or anything that we can regret happens to you is to know which are the main ones. Thanks to this we can prevent what could happen.

get rich quick

As the influencer culture is so extremely popular today, many take advantage of it to promise the fact of getting rich in a very short time with systems that they claim are “infallible”.

Many times this type of scam on TikTok even goes viral, causing mainly young people create certain profiles that only show how their wealth and success they are increasing day by day thanks to his system, although finely “it is not gold, everything glitters”.

Scammers exploit trends to generate seemingly lucrative but meaningless business propositions.

The easy way out does not exist, in addition to which you must take into account that, in a very high percentage of the time, all these supposed winners really show mere facades.

Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping is a system by which you can sell without having stock. That is, you can open an online store to sell a product. At the time they place an order, you buy it from the supplier, who is in charge of sending it to the customer under the name of your company.

The difference between the price you have set for that product and the one charged by the supplier is your profit. This is one way to have a business on the net, without an investment in stocks.

On TikTok you will find thousands of videos on building ecommerce stores and the search for direct suppliers.

The problem comes when you pay attention to one of those videos and it turns out that the dropshipping provider is not legityou are selling fraudulent, non-functioning products or even going so far as to promote non-existent supplies and inventory.

Sometimes they ask the person who wants to open their online store to reserve a number of products, without buying them, to ensure stock, in exchange for a certain amount of money. From there, the scam begins to unfold.

You should always verify the company before hiring, do not sign anything with them until you are completely sure, if they do not have a website, do not trust them and, above all, never make advance purchases or reservations.

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Apps that are not TikTok

Another of the TikTok scams that are occurring the most lately are those that promote Fake applications of this social network.

The way to attract people is simple, since it they assure that they will have new features unique such as anonymous profile views, automatic followers or guaranteed visits, among other things.

They are always going to be apps in APK format and they will most likely charge you subscription fees (even unknowingly), steal your data, or infect your device with spyware.

The solution is simple, you must ignore all applications that are not official, that is, only download from Google Play or the App Store.

Impersonated comments

Phishing scams are common on certain types of accounts on TikTok. This was something that always affected companies or businessesbut currently it already happens to known users and even anonymous.

These scammers copy images and usernames of reputable personalitiesof companies or some kind of business and they try to trick people into trusting them and giving them information.

Cyber ​​criminals manage to convince their victims to send them something in exchange for a economic compensation. Sometimes, fortunately not many yet, they can be blackmailed because they have obtained some type of confidential information.

You have to look at whether it is a verified profileYeah has continued posts or if you are using a weird username. You can also enter the official Web of that character, that company or the business and verify that that TikTok is yours.

romance scams

There is another type of scammer in the networks, one who specializes in everything that has to do with romantic relationships between people. They tend to opt mainly for dating apps, but cases have also been detected on TikTok.

Scammers often steal pictures and videos of random models, although these images will never be of anyone known, to avoid that they could turn out badly.

Profiles are created that are usually extremely convincing so that they can start chatting with their victims without raising any suspicion.

They are difficult to detect, since may spend weeks or months gaining the person’s trust to whom who perpetrate their scam.

Once there is already an attachment between both parties, it is when they start the request for “favors”, usually monetary. They adapt to the level of each person, that is, there are those who demand a few euros, and there are other cases where the scam is much greater.

In the end they disappear as soon as they have reached their goal or directly continue to threaten the person with disseminating data or embarrassing situations.

You should never trust this type of “relationships” on the network, but above all you have to verify that you are talking to the person shown and always maintaining the necessary caution.

fake sales accounts

olesiabilkei/Getty Images

TikTok It has a different algorithm than other social networks, since it prioritizes relevance. By finding the right trend and hot music, you can make a new account jump to the most viewed in a short period of time.

This is used by scammers to promote fake business accountswhich in the end acquire thousands and thousands of followers.

To avoid this TikTok scam, it is best to check if these accounts are on other social networks or if they have their own website. In addition, we must be cautious with accounts in which the person’s face never appears, in which they hide the voice or distort it.

TikTok bot

Accounts on social networks that are really bots, they are everywhere, but the TikTok algorithm is more permissive, which is why we told you before about its predilection for relevance.

Bot accounts are created to gain a good number of followers and from there scam selling useless courses, posing as financial gurus, sending apps that are actually infected files or links, etc.

Followers and paid views on TikTok

All those who want to be influencers have thought of buying followers and views.

Many of those who do, consider that that number will attract real fans. You can get thousands of followers for a few hundred dollars.

But not only is it not legitimate, but in the long run it is useless. It would be unbelievable that suddenly a TikTok account would go from a few hundred to thousands and thousands of followers in a few hours without having a viral video.

In addition, the fact that they are fake followers is marked by the fact that some of those who follow that TikToker carry generic identifiers such as user182729. Obviously, TikTok could close such an account at any time.

How could you read TikTok scams are the order of the day, so you must be very attentive at all times so as not to fall into any of them.

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