TikTok to launch e-commerce to compete with giant Amazon

TikTok to launch e-commerce to compete with giant Amazon

According to Semafor, TikTok could very soon inaugurate an online sales section in its American application. The project seems well advanced, since the e-shop could lift its curtain in the coming weeks.

According to sources from the Semafor site, TikTok is preparing to go walk on the flowerbeds of Amazon. The social network wants to open an online store directly accessible from a tab in the application. This would be quite distinct from the TikTok Shop program which, at present, allows brands to pay a commission to ByteDance in order to be able to sell their products on the platform. This shop will offer its own products.

This implies that the company will have to create your own supply chain in every market it targets if it is to have any chance of winning against Amazon, the self-proclaimed protector of small wallets. Moreover, in addition to having to manage her catalog of items herself, she will have to operate its own customer service and after-sales service. The challenge is up, even for a company with such deep pockets, because young Americans, the company’s main targets, are known to have changing tastes.


TikTok will launch to conquer the online market in the United States

The idea of ​​going online is not entirely surprising coming from TikTok, which has more than a billion users, including 150 million Americans, each month. ByteDance, its parent company, is a major player in online sales in the Middle Kingdom, with Douyin. That said, replicating this feat with its international equivalent, TikTok therefore, will not be so easy. Add to this that the future of TikTok’s online store does not depend solely on the company.

ByteDance is singled out by US lawmakers. According to them, in addition to spreading fake news and pro-Chinese content, the application sends the data of certain users to servers in China. As a result, the application begins to be banned in the United States. Despite this, it is said that TikTok would like to “more than quadruple its turnover in e-commerce”, for reach $20 billion this year.

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