Netflix plan is in danger of extinction and this is bad news

The basic Netflix plan is in danger of extinction and this is bad news

The basic Netflix plan is in danger of extinction and this is bad news

The basic Netflix plan has ceased to exist in one country, making it mandatory to pay for the basic plan with ads in case you don’t want to pay for the standard plan.

Netflix’s basic plan seems to have its days numbered. 

The latest changes made by Netflix have put users on alert, causing them to be somewhat afraid due to the disappearance of the basic plan. Yes, in some countries the basic plan of Netflix has ceased to exist so that users are forced to contract the basic plan with ads.

Canada is the first country affected by the Netflix measure. 

The basic plan in Canada was priced at $9.99, now it can no longer be contracted. The only option that is within Netflix to continue paying a small fee to the platform is to bet on the basic plan with ads.

The basic plan with ads will replace the basic plan of Netflix.

 It is possible that Netflix has realized that the cheap plan with ads gives a higher return because, apart from the fact that users pay, they also consume ads, so the platform earns money from advertising.

Netflix’s plans are becoming clearer. 

Ending the cheap plan without ads is a stab at users who still maintain their interest in the streaming platform. Of course, it is to be expected taking into account the decisions that have been made in previous weeks such as blocking shared accounts.

Netflix’s basic plan lowers the blind and now you can only hire the plan with ads

Netflix ends account sharing. The fact that it has ended account sharing along with this move perfectly indicates what the platform is up to: generating more revenue at the expense of users. Now in Canada you can only access a cheap plan with ads for $5.99 or jump to the $16.49 plan which is the price of the standard plan.

There is only a standard plan, the basic plan is over.

Another problem with this situation and measure is the fact that Netflix decides to do the same in other countries, resulting in another even more questionable move for the platform. We will have to wait to see what happens, meanwhile there are more interesting options at the platform level.

Netflix doesn’t even have the best price and, of course, it doesn’t have the best content either..

The streaming content platform has to improve the way it treats users because it makes no sense to continue paying a subscription when, for example, Filmin costs less than 8 euros per month and HBO Max less than 10 euros.

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