What is a canonical event and why it has gone viral on TikTok

What is a canonical event and why it has gone viral on TikTok

What is a canonical event and why it has gone viral on TikTok

“I can’t intervene, it’s a canonical event.” It is very likely that you have read or heard this phrase on TikTok after videos went viral in which users explain situations —often embarrassing or that can end badly— detailing that they cannot do anything as it is a canonical event. And if you’re reading this, you probably don’t know what it means. This word has a meaning, and there is a reason why these tiktoks are becoming so popular on the platform.

The canonical event, in fact, is not a term that was born on TikTok, although, we reiterate, it has become very popular on the social network. Actually, it is a reference widely used in comics and that lately has been taken to different series and movies. The most recent, and the reason why it has gone viral on TikTokis the movie Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse.

In it, they refer to “canon” events as situations —whether good or bad— that are or are destined to occur and of which nothing can or should be done to avoid it. On the one hand, because the canonical events define the development and future of the character. In Spider-Man: Crossing the MultiverseFor example, the superhero goes through different complicated situations in his life that lead him to become spider-man. If he or someone had intervened, he wouldn’t have ended up being a superhero.

For another, because interfering in a canonical event can endanger the entire universe. Again in Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse Different situations occur in which Peter Parker must choose whether to avoid an event that must occur or, instead, prevent it from occurring by altering fate.

Why have canonical events on TikTok gone viral?

On TikTok, therefore, when someone explains a situation involving a family member or friend, and states that they cannot intervene because it is a canonical event, It means that that person must go through it as part of their personal development..

The same is true when someone explains the often painful situation they had to go through to become the person they are today.

Most of the videos on TikTok related to canonical events, yes, are created with a touch of humor or with situations that constantly happen on a day-to-day basisand for this very reason they have gone viral.

Users do not stop uploading videos with situations. For example, someone who is going through a relationship that many people have also gone through and have not ended well, is actually experiencing a canonical event, and none of their friends or family can intervene to learn from their situation in a future.

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