TikTok won’t load or play videos on mobile, I don’t know!

TikTok won’t load or play videos on mobile, I don’t know what to do!

TikTok won’t load or play videos on mobile, I don’t know what to do!

Whether you use your mobile to view content on TikTok or to create your own videos, it can scare you to find that one day, suddenly, it does not work. It does not load, it prevents you from watching videos and it does not work as it should. Minutes go by, maybe hours and it still doesn’t work. You’ve even tried rebooting to see if it’s a temporary issue and it’s still not playing videos or giving you a good user experience.

The first thing you have to check is that it is not really about the service is down. Although it is not very common, it could happen that the problem is this. To find out, you can check on social networks like Twitter or check it directly on Downdetector or a similar service to see if there is any confirmed official crash or the problem is with your mobile.

If you can’t see the videos on TikTok, do this

Ruling out other than TikTok is down and after rebootwe will tell you what you can do if you find that your videos do not work smoothly or do not load.

Check the Internet connection

The first check is to see if your connection is working correctly or if it is not presenting a problem that affects the loading of content. you can try moving from wifi to data or vice versa to see if that works, or ask someone to share the data with you. Make sure that other people with the same connection have problems, or rule it out.

In all cases, if you suspect that it may be the Wi-Fi, it is best to close TikTok, disconnect the Wi-Fi, turn off the router and wait at least one minute before turning it on. Go back online and see if you can finally see TikTok normally.

Clear the app cache

If it still doesn’t work, the problem could be with the app. So what you can do initially is clear cache. It is very easy to do:

  1. Go to your mobile settings
  2. Look for the Applications option or manage applications
  3. Find TikTok
  4. Down on the screen, click on Clean data
  5. Click on Clear cache or clear all data
  6. Reopen TikTok

Uninstall or update

In case you still can’t see its contents, the best thing you can do is delete the app and reinstall it. Make sure that you have not installed any recent app before that may cause conflict with it or that it is not due to a lack of update or recent update.

If none of this works…

Having tried all this without success, you can contact TikTok directly from your profile in the app:

  1. Click in the lower right corner on Profile
  2. Do the same in the 3 lines that take you to the settings
  3. press on Settings and privacy
  4. Confirm the option Report a problem
  5. Choose the topic ‘video won’t play’ or similar, and indicate that they have not solved your problem
  6. Click on Do you need more help?
  7. Write your problem, attach some screenshots and hit send
    Most likely you fixed it before you had to contact with the service itself, but if this is the case now you just have to wait for them to answer you. They will advise you on what may be happening in your account and how to do so that you can see the videos well. They will do it as soon as possible, but remember first of all to have verified all of the above so that the wait is not in vain.

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