Apple TV Beats Out Netflix & HBO Competitors In Popularity

A New Apple TV Show Beats Out Netflix & HBO Competitors In Popularity Ranking

A new Apple TV Plus show is the streamer’s latest breakout hit, beating out shows from Netflix and HBO in a new study ranking series’ popularity.

Silo, a new show from Apple TV Plus, ranks as being more in-demand than new shows from Netflix and HBO Max, according to a new study. Created by Graham Yost, Silo is a science-fiction mystery series that follows a society of thousands living in a large underground silo to protect themselves from the toxic world above. Rebecca Ferguson leads the Silo cast Juliette Nichols, a reluctant police chief who begins to question whether those in charge have been telling the truth about the outside world.

Now, according to a new study published by Parrot Analytics (via TheWrap), Apple TV Plus' Silo is the number one most in-demand breakout show for the week of May 27 to June 2, with 24.4 times the average demand. In the study, demand is calculated using a combination of consumer research, social media engagement, and streaming data, and a "breakout" show is defined as in-demand series that has been released in the last 100 days. Silo beats out the likes of Netflix's Fubar, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and HBO's Love and Death.

Why Silo Is A Hit For Apple TV Plus

Ted Lasso remains, arguably, the biggest and most buzz-worthy Apple TV Plus show released thus far, but the streamer is responsible for other shows like For All Mankind, See, and Shrinking, which stars Harrison Ford. Silo, however, has evidently captured the attention of viewers in a big way, despite the absence of a Ford-esque movie star.

Crucially, Silo's premise is one that's easy to understand. The central mystery of the show revolves around a group of increasingly curious silo citizens who begin to seek answers about what life is like beyond their underground living quarters. Although the show may not feature a legendary star like Ford, Ferguson has starred in a number of hit films, including the two most recent Mission: Impossible movies, Dune, and The Greatest Showman, and she makes for a compelling actor to follow as the mystery unfolds.

Silo's central mystery also makes it a prime show to release in weekly installments instead of in bulk. Each week, more answers are revealed and more questions are raised, which is undoubtedly helping to generate buzz as season 1 continues. Although Apple TV Plus has struggled in terms of subscriber numbers compared to streamers like Netflix and Prime Video, it's clear that, with Silo, its on the right track.

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